1. Hi Anon, don’t worry about asking me questions, I’m more than happy to help fellow students.

    For Public Policy, all you need to do is print the form that you will find on their web page, fill it out, and drop it at the Goldman School of Public Policy. Within a few days you’ll get an email saying that you are now declared. It’s that easy! You can even declare without having taken any Public Policy classes. You will need to take 5 classes total, one of them being PP 101, the rest are up to you, and in case you don’t finish taking the classes, or decide that PP is not your thing, you can just forget about it, there is no penalty or anything for not finishing the minor. 

    Now in my case, fitting the PE upper division classes with the PP requirements was a bit easier because I had some space. PE requires you to have knowledge of a second language, but they want you to show you have the knowledge via 4 semesters of a language course, or a AP score of 5. Thankfully I had a 5, so that opened up 4 slots for me, and with summer school, I was fine. Also, you can use one of the PP classes as your PE elective.

    Now, if you are a transfer student, there is something that the school doesn’t tell us at all, and that is that we are guaranteed three years of financial aid, three, not just two, so if you think you might have to stay a little longer than the two years we are told by the school we need to finish by, you can talk to L&S and explain your reasons and they might be able to work with you to stay longer, even if you don’t have a double major or anything like that.

    Back to PE, my concentration is one that I created myself, and it is about globalization and migration. Pretty simple, all you have to do is select the classes you want to take, write a little blurb on why those classes are the ones you need and how they relate to your concentration, talk to your advisor and have them approve the classes. Make sure you select more than just a few because sometimes the classes you want are not offered on the semester in which you have the space, or they conflict with another class, so you need to come up with back ups.

    I hope that was helpful and I didn’t confuse you more.

    Good luck with school! Two more weeks! I’m so excited to start again! I hope you are too.

    GO BEARS!!! 

    1. samanthica said: omg i thought PE meant physical education until i got to the bottom…btw this was helpful for me too! i’m considering a PP minor hehehe so thank you!
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